• At The Soft Goat Launch Party

    Leroy Irvin (Rams), Mike Finfrock, Founder, Ron Brown (Rams and Raiders)

  • At The Soft Goat Launch Party

    Kaluka Maiva (Raiders), Mike Finfrock, Founder

  • At The Soft Goat Launch Party

    Paul Bartelt (NFL and NBA), Christian Okoye (KC Chiefs the “Nigerian Nightmare”), Mike Finfrock, Founder

Scruffy is sexy! As gents, we use stubble to define our style, update our swagger, and express ourselves as individuals. As libidinous as this look can be, it can also cause our loved ones to deflect our most admirable advances from fear of our razor sharp facial hair.

Fear not, stylish men! The Soft Goat is made for you. The hypoallergenic pad dulls those sharp edges that trimming and shaving leave behind. This first of its kind stubble softener obliterates any doubt from confidently launching into personal proximity with your loved ones.

Buy The Soft Goat now and soften your beard, goatee, mustache or 5 o’clock shadow.

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