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Body / Grooming: The Soft Goat

After all the time you’ve spent carefully cultivating just the right amount of stubble — somewhere in between five-o’clock shadow and fully bearded — the last thing you want to do is scare someone away from getting a little close. And with Soft Goat, you’ll never have to worry about your scruff irritating that sensitive skin […]

The Soft Goat

The Soft Goat is a first-of-its kind,  innovative product that addresses the issue of sharp facial hair. The Soft Goat provides a cure to scratchy facial hair without compromising style and sex appeal that you lose when being clean shaven. Most women say that a man looks great with a manly layer of stubble, but will often […]

The Soft Goat Stubble Softener

A bit of scruff never hurt anybody. Except any girl who’d rather not have her face scratched up by your sandpaper-like stubble. The Soft Goat’s here to bail you out thanks to a set of compact hypoallergenic, textured foam pads that file down the sharp edges of your recently-shaved facial hair. Slip the elastic band […]

MenEssentials The Soft Goat

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a world where you can passionately kiss your special someone, while saving their face from scratches, but without having to shave, your prayers have been answered! Soft Goat softens your stubble, making your face as smooth and kissable as it could be with no hair at all. Keep […]