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Men’s Journal Approved…

From Men’s Journal HEALTH & FITNESS The Instant Stubble Softener The Soft Goat Stubble is a simple fact of life for any man who shaves, but it’s also a source of scraping, redness, and unwanted soreness for any person who happens to be getting intimate with said gentleman. Those short facial hairs that crop up […]

Now Men Can Achieve a Soft to the Touch Stubble

From Greer’s OC Razor Stubble No More 11.20.13 With the help of The Soft Goat scratchy and sharp facial hair will become a thing of the past. Mike Finfrock of Newport Beach created the never seen before grooming tool that uses a hypoallergenic pad to soften the razor sharp edges of facial hair that trimming and shaving […]

The BEST Dude Invention EVER!!

From Miss Wingman OH MY GOD THIS. SO MUCH OF THIS. November 1, 2013 Holy shit, someone just came up with the best dude invention ever. Granted, you might argue that Miss Wingman is wrong, since it involves some pain on your part to facilitate more happiness on ours (suck it up, fellas), but I disagree. […]

Just in Time for Movember

From YOW YOW! Just In Time for Movember. I’m really happy with the blogs I try to read daily for inspiration on Yow Yow! As girly as Yow Yow! can get sometimes, I really enjoy having our dose of guy posts as well especially from Cool Material. They recently wrote a post for this product […]

Tone Down Facial Hair Harshness

From Cool Material Soft Goat Stubble And Beard Softener Sporting a bit of stubble can be a good look assuming you don’t pair it with unkempt hair and a stained t-shirt like you just woke up from a bender. And while women might really like the look, they’re probably not going to like you rubbing […]

BuyManThings.com says soften scratchy beard stubble

From Man Things Soft Goat Beard Softener Don’t let an itchy beard ruin your stubble or five o’clock shadow. A scratchy beard can irritate the skin of others, making it tough to get close to loved ones. The Soft Goat Beard Softener will smooth out that itchy scruff to leave your beard soft and smooth. […]

TheManual.com says The Soft Goat does soften that scratchy stubble

From The Manual – The Essential Guide for Men The Soft Goat Stops Stubble Scrape Written by Matt Bell – Posted on October 8, 2013 You know what would really suck? Making out with Scarlett Johansson only to find that her face has the exact same texture as sandpaper. She’s one of the sexiest women alive, so you’d probably […]