The ‘Soft Goat’ Buffs Away the Sharp Ends of Facial Hair Stubble

Soft Goat can make hair maintenance an easier task for men. All that time they spend in the morning shaving can easily be defeated by the five-O’clock shadow. Hair stubble can be rough and simply unappealing to both men and their significant others.

Soft Goat softens their stubble so it won’t irritate their skin or someone who is getting close to them. It does so through its hypoallergenic foam pad, which is coated in softening paper. The paper is meant to dull the sharp edges of their facial hair. It works on full beards too for those who love the extra scruff sans the rough.

Soft Goat also offer a product option for women so they can have smooth skin on their legs, underarms and bikini area, regardless of hair growth.

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