Now Men Can Achieve a Soft to the Touch Stubble

From Greer’s OC

Razor Stubble No More


With the help of The Soft Goat scratchy and sharp facial hair will become a thing of the past. Mike Finfrock of Newport Beach created the never seen before grooming tool that uses a hypoallergenic pad to soften the razor sharp edges of facial hair that trimming and shaving leave behind. Now men can achieve a soft to the touch stubble.

“Facial stubble is the most controversial topic when it comes to men’s grooming and sex appeal, primarily because of the negative scratchy effects it has on loved ones,” Finfrock said. “After personally experiencing this with my own girlfriend’s face, I set out to find a solution. Due to the lack of effective alternatives on the market, I created The Soft Goat.”

The Soft Goat includes 3 hypoallergenic pads and sells for $11.99. It is available at as well as on,, and

The Soft Goat is specifically designed for men, but Finfrock is developing its female counterpart, Soften Her Soften Her is intended to soften and exfoliate between hair removal sessions.