Soft Goat’s Stubble And Beard Softener


Calling all hairy-faced guys (or girls…)! Do you ever get those days when you run your fingers through your flowing facial locks only to realise that they’re feeling a little coarse and therefore leave your fingers ripped to shreds?


Then fear no more; the Soft Goat have the answer to all your chin-warmer woes!

Introducing the seriously cool new product: Soft Goat’s Stubble and Beard Softener! Designed for those with stubble that drives their partner crazy with blotchy-face stubble-rash syndrome after a few smooches, the Stubble and Beard Softener is there to smooth down those tiresome sharp hairs.

Designed in the form of a pad, stubbly gentlemen are advised to rub the abrasive paper (or as it’s more commonly known: sandpaper) over their razor-like hairs to result in more rounded and therefore baby-soft face fluff.

So why not just use sandpaper, you may be asking? Well, the Soft Goat have dedicated years of their time to creating just the right amount of roughness to their hypoallergenic foam pads so that it’s just the right amount of rough to soften the hair – whilst not compromising your first layer of skin that lies below your face-furniture.

So for only $11.99, why not treat yourself to three long-lasting foam pads to soften your stubble – the ladies will be falling over themselves just to rub up against your prickle-free face fuzz!*

*Disclaimer: ladies are not guaranteed to rub up against your chin.

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